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Vision & Focus

‘A good missionary is a good theologian; a good theologian is a good missionary.’ John Calvin

Our Vision

Union Research nurtures the theologians, authors and teachers of the future to ensure the ongoing mission of the church is healthy and robust. Our community of scholars and PhD students produce the finest evangelical theology to bolster our school, publishing, and mission, all for the sake of Christ’s church.

We firmly believe that robust and winsome mission grows when it’s fed by strong, faithful and vibrant theology. Theology that helps churches delight in God and grow in Christ. Theology that equips Christians to serve the church in an ever-changing world. Through studying, teaching and publishing, we help to fuel the church’s mission as she blesses the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our Research Focus

Our research focusses on the disciplines of biblical, historical, systematic and church studies, shaped by our evangelical convictions. Our work is influenced by the insights of those whom God has gifted to his church through the centuries, from the Patristic era through the Reformation to the contemporary church. Scripture is central to everything we do and saturates everything we seek to equip the church with.


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