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Scholarships & Fees

We want to help students with every aspect of their PhD studies, including any financial matters. We welcome your questions and are happy to give support and guidance wherever you need it.

We can help students with preparing applications to grant-making trusts or fundraising letters to supporters. Please just ask.

Although UST PhD students will normally be invoiced for their annual fees at the start of the academic year, we understand the financial difficulties that students may have in paying in full. Early on, we will discuss a payment plan with you individually, which will be as flexible as we can in the light of your circumstances.

We have also made it easy for students to pay their fees by debit or credit card, but other methods are available and can be discussed at any time.

In time, we will give details of scholarships which we are able to offer for the UST PhD programme.

The link below, will take you to the fees page of Union School of Theology. Here you will find the information on postgraduate fees for PhD study, along with other relevant information.

To see the fees, click here. 

Or click here to enquire or apply for the PhD.