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Enquire & Apply

Union School of Theology welcomes applications to our PhD programme, particularly in the fields of Biblical Studies, Historical Theology and Church History.

If you decide to apply for a research degree in theology with UST, you will be asked to submit a pre-application research proposal. This proposal consists of a title, 500-word summary, 6 to 8 chapter headings, and 50 indicative references. Please allow at least three months for this to be processed before your intended start date. Please send your proposal or request further information about this to Stephen, our admissions officer at

If your pre-application is accepted, you will be asked to submit an online application for which the fee is £300. If your application is accepted, £250 is credited to your first year’s course fees.

Possible start dates are in September, January, and May.

If you have questions about the programme, or would like to discuss potential research, please email Stephen, the UST admissions officer at